We are now in April and IEPs are happening all around. This time of the year schools have a tendency to rush. There’s only so much time for them to get through all of IEP business. Just because they are in a hurry doesn’t mean that you have to be Read More

Happy Summer!

As kids, we couldn’t wait for summer to begin. As parents, . . . well it may signal a change in our routine. Whatever your routine, take the time to enjoy this time with your kids.


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What is ESY?

ESY stands for Extended School Year. Think summer school. Placement and services usually stay the same unless otherwise noted in the IEP (Individualized Education Program). The number of days may vary from 15 to 20, depending on the district.

How Long After School Starts Will Services Begin?

So your student has started back to school, the first week has passed and so far, she hasn’t seen the Occupational Therapist. Now it’s the end of the second week and still no services. What? Well, as you probably already know, the first couple of weeks after school begins are Read More